NEOLITH by TheSize was developed to meet the requirements and inherent challenges of avant-garde architectural and interior design projects. Extensive research & development, coupled with the advanced technology utilized in production, has resulted in a product with unparalleled beauty, functionality and durability. The world´s largest technical porcelain slab, NEOLITH is eco-friendly (made from 100% natural materials, has no off-gassing, is recyclable), durable (scratch, heat and water resistant), multi-functional, colour-stable, and lightweigh. With thicknesses of up to 10mm and a myriad of colours and textures, uses for NEOLITH are limited only by one’s imagination.

NEOLITH is a high performance material ideal for applications such as kitchen countertops, backsplashes, cabinet facings, and flooring. NEOLITH does not scratch, does not stain, is heat and fire resistant, and, thanks to the extremely low absorption rate of technical porcelain, ideal for food contact and processing.

Wall Cladding
NEOLITH is lightweight, making it the ideal product for wall cladding.
Due to its chemical inertness NEOLITH is completely un-reactive, making it impervious to any domestic or industrial cleaning agent, including bleach, ammonia, CLR, acetone or hydrochloric acid. Due to its diverse functionality, NEOLITH lends itself beautifully to vanity tops, bathroom flooring and groutless shower walls.

NEOLITH’s damage resistance makes it the perfect flooring solution for both residential and high-traffic commercial locations. Due to its light weight and durability it is also ideal for elevated floors.
Unique physical properties make NEOLITH highly desirable for ventilated facades and curtain wall applications where longevity is key:
UV resistant, frost resistant, low thermal expansion index.
graffiti resistant.
no pigment deterioration means colour stability.
lightweight with large dimensions, leading to more efficient installations and reduced structural load.